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Why Crafts are the Best Hobby for You

You might be surprised to learn that crafts and other creative based hobbies are an excellent healthy choice! Did you know that spending quality time, focussed in on a project is ideal for calming your mind and helping your mental health. We know that we feel much better once we've spent some time making things, so why not try it yourself? It's easy to get started! The first thing you might like to do is research some beginner projects online - some simple ideas could include cushion covers, basic clothing items and curtains. Next, try to find a series of lessons or classes where you can take your own patterns and materials and a more experienced teacher helps you to make your items. This is great for building up basic skills which you might struggle with on your own. The great thing about craft based hobbies is the simple joy of being able to make totally unique and personal items which nobody else has. If you get realyl good, you could even sell your items, or give them away as presents and gifts for birthdays and Christmas!
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Where To Buy Fabrics and Materials

When you first choose a new project, part of the experience is finding and choosing the perfect fabrics and materials to make your special item with! If you are looking for a fabric shop Leicester we really recommend searching around here! There are lots of fabrics available for all levels of projects and designs. With a whole host of colours, textures, patterns and designs, you are sure to find the ideal fabric for your project. We recommend having a good look through the options available, or even speaking to an expert in the store, who will be able to advise about any unusual natures of the fabrics - for example, some are difficult to use on the bias, such as slippery fabrics. You need to find out if you require any special tools for working on this fabric, such as heavy duty sewing machine feet, or thread which will withstand firm use. These are all questions you should arm yourself with when shopping for fabrics! Think about the purpose of the fabric and what you are going to be making with it. Clothing will depend on seasons and type of garment, for example, skirts can often be made out of leightweight, floaty fabrics, whereas curtains and cushion covers could be a heavier material.
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Home Crafted Poppies For Centenary Of The Fallen

I belong to two groups of volunteers – all very worthy and great support and fun, especially for anyone who used to work outside the home and finds themselves rather isolated after that ceases.   Others are in the caring community and do activities with the less fortunate.  Another group are crafters – my word they …

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Picking Up Threads Once Left Off

When you belong to community groups of some sort or another, you soon get badgered to join this committee or that.  It is inevitable as folk in villages want things to be laid on for their entertainment and enjoyment.  They don’t always want to be on the panel that organises it all though.  I find …

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Sewing Bee Meets Very Sad Demise

One of the best programmes on mainstream tv in the last five years was the great british sewing bee.  It was a very unusual concept but although not that many families rely on home made clothes and furnishing these days, it captured the imagination of many and installed a feeling that yes, if they can …

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Unlucky Green For Knitting Project

I have been meaning to knit a green jumper for over a year.  I first sarted this bizarre activity after buying a gorgeous laura ashley skirt in a charity shop.  It’s one I have coveted for a couple of years and was so amazed when my local heart shop had exactly the skirt in my …

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Chanel Inspired Jacket Needs Serious Skills

I saw a wonderful outfit on tv the other night.  Watching a pathe news recording made back in 1963 of the Kennedys, shortly before the terrible deed.  They were covering how glamorous Jacqui K was, even from a tiny girl in her lovely safe almost aristocratic upbringing.  The clothes they featured were beauties from the …

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Home Produced Christmas Charm Makes Big Come Back

In these days of uncertainty over coming out of the EU and people getting very tetchy about business successes and rising inflation etc. it really does seem as though Chrismas is coming at just the wrong time.  For other folk they will always feel that Christmas is such a spirit raiser, there is no need …

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High End Habidashery Brought Memories Back

On a recent jaunt up to London with my daughter, we made a point of popping in to one very well known and extremely high end store well known for fabrics, yarns, habidashery, upholstery materials etc. etc.  We had always enjoyed looking at gorgeous materials when made into dresses, curtains, seat covers – anything requiring …

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Inheritence Brings Sewing & Knitting Machines

Whilst I was away on my annual jaunt to a very sunny island in the Med – I stay with an old colleague and we become the odd couple once again, as we were for years when working together!  This chap has a very odd villa up in a village way above Paphos.  It’s a …

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Brush Off Those Knitting or Sewing Tools & Get Going

Now that the hot summer holidays are over I might well be getting my knitting bag out of the spare wardrobe.  I am not one of those who can click away all year round – in fact as soon as the warmest days arrive, I find it incredibly hard to concentrate on stitch patterns and …

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The Delightful Ex Pat Love Of Colour

Last year during my annual jaunt to stay with my friend’s famil who live permanently in cyprus, we visited one of the most fantastic stores we’ve ever been in.  It knocks harvey nics and harrods into a top hat for sure.  It’s a clothing exchange agency – but so much more organised and classy than …

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Sew this long length of knitting to the tea cosy to form four loops, a bit like a flower. These loops make the hen\'s nest. Ideal for keeping the teapot and boiled eggs warm too, children really enjoy them. Taking less than an hour to make they do make a lovely surprise on Good Friday and Easter Sunday when you present someone a hard boiled egg for their breakfast that still has a hen sitting on top of it.

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