The Rise In Crafting Has Brought New Life To Sewing Skills

There is so much to be appreciated and learned from bygone days of sewing.  Sewing is the art of attaching the things with the help of needles and threads. Going back into the time, it can be said that this craft developed in the Paleolithic era. Before the spinning yarn was invented, the people of the Paleolithic age fastened fur and the clothes made of skin, with the help of bone and antlers, while the thread was composed of animal veins and sinew. It is considered to be the earliest form of cloth making. In the Neolithic age, sewing made a rapid development.  The people of Zulu tribes of Africa were also considered to be the masters in the art of weaving and sewing.

For many years, sewing was done by hands alone. It was in the nineteenth century that the invention of sewing machine took place. An increase in the technical sphere leads to the increase in the manufacture of the sewn clothes.

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