The Oncoming Season Calls For Special Party Makes

Ah the sounds and smells of the rapidly approaching Christmas and New Year season mean so much to us all for so many different reasons.  For the dedicated crafter, the season never actually seems to end.  From the start of each January, having put their ‘making boxes’ away in a cupboard for the last 3 weeks of December, there is a renewed joy at the prospect of another exciting year of projects to tackle.

As the Spring and Summer seasons creep in, they bring their own excitements, maybe less obvious.  A need for a new wardrobe of this year’s trend in colour blocking for the sleeveless pinafore dress and perhaps a few ruffles on that new blouse – after all, it it’s good enough for Vogue, it’s most certainly good enough for us.   Once those have been worn and admired, the big party outfit making session gets into gear, very big time with the need for specialist fabrics and thread.

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