Tradition Of Clothes Made With Skill & A Great Deal Of Love

Ah Christmas, with thoughts drawn towards the bustle of household activities such as food planning, buying, storing and yes . . . all that cooking.

In days past, an added thrill was having separate wardrobe of clothes specially set aside for the Christmastide  – our family had a long tradition of bringing down from the loft the trunk of summer clothes at Easter and on Bonfire Night each year did the reverse with our winter garb.  What kept this lovely tradition alive was Nanna, a fantastic seamstress and knitter.  Every year we fought over who could still wear this dress or that jumper but new ones miraculously appeared each season too.  All lovingly made by Nanna.  Fabric, patterns, sewing accessories, the much loved old sewing box.  Ah such joy is still available today from dedicated sewing and fabric outlets – how lovely to rekindle these family traditions of homecrafts and hand-me-downs to replace the throw away world that is today.


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