Granny Saves The Day With Home-Mades & Hand Me Downs

There were some very long held traditions in my family with respect to the making of clothes for my siblings and me.  This would definitely have stemmed from Grandma being born in 1895 and thus being in service at the tender age of 13 – as a very junior nursery maid, learning to make and mend for the children she eventually had care of only a few short years after the end of the first world war.   Many families had the scrimp, scrape, save, waste not – want not mantras solidly etched into their adult mindsets.

We were indebted to this now very grown up maid who became our  maternal Grandma.   She produced a phenominal selection of dresses for every occasion together with pretty petticoats, knitted socks, cardigans, gloves, and when things were outgrown, even by the youngest, they would be unpicked and remodelled as something else to live on for another 10 years – such skillful needle and craftwork !

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