Trying Out New Crafting And Home Made Skills

Of all the joys to be had around the lead up to year end period for a relative is the chance to get down to some luscious Christmas makes.  There is the main table with it’s extra long cloth and matching napkins. With that will be the bread basket wrap and all kinds of other pretty table linens.  And before that ritual, there is the home made advent calender – always a thing of beauty.   There is always the prospect of having to have a new jumper or cardigan for the season – home made of course.  Another recently retired relative has recently taken up crochet – by chance there was a crafting taster session at her local library and she tried it out and got hooked  – quite literally.

Once the idea has taken hold, there is the joy of shopping for the new hobby – fabrics, patterns, yarns, everything is so inviting and available in abundance these days.

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