Local Dressmaker Truly Saves The Day

On a recent sorti to the out of town retail park I was seeking a bright colourful ensemble for a forthcoming wedding.  Not being mother or grandmother to either the bride or groom but still being a close grown up relative, I wanted to look spectacular but not quite mutton dressed as lamb.  I found the selection of colours very dismal indeed – all I saw were taupe and a variety of greys.  And black.    This disheartened me no end.  Having bemoaned this to my best pals, tey suggested I look to having an outfit made.

This idea was fantastic, I got in touch with 2 local dressmakers online, and selected one who seemed to be on my wavelength.  With a little guidance she encouraged me to locate exactly the right fabric and accessories and I now have a fab outfit with a choice of jackets – the fabric is wonderful and I look the bees-knees!