Clothes Made At Home With Much Love

I was watching the young neighbours haring about on their modern day roller skates and bikes in front of my drive over Easter – it was great, seeing the unadulterated joy on their faces as they screeched to a halt with an inch to spare.  The fact the children were all playing together, outside in the air, making a lovely noise and thoroughly enjoying themselves was fantastic.

This reminded me of days many years ago when my sisters and I were quite small.  We were always dressed alike.  Not for any particular style reason, we were not close in size, looks or age.  But once a pattern was found that could be whizzed up into 3 similar outfits from the smallest length of fabric and at the quickest speed, then that was the one for us.  We never questioned how these clothes came to be so perfectly made, we loved them all dearly.  Good old grandma!

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