Enter The World Of Seamstress – In My Dreams

If there’s one thing I really wish I had learnt to do properly whilst I had the chance as a youngster, it would have been dressmaking and sewing in general.  I can get by, fix things, take a hem up very neatly, sew on buttons and repair a torn item;  but the actual art of picking out a pattern, choosing the right material and thread etc. and then be able to make the garment – to resemble something like the front picture, well that would be a dream.  One of my grandmothers was extremely good at that – she had been put out to service when only 13 and amongst many different domestic chores and posts, she learnt to b a very skilled dressmaker and  made most of the clothes my siblings and I wore throughout our early years.

There are many online sites these days that dedicate themselves to the wonderful subjects of habidashery, sewing, knitting, crochet etc.  You can get masses of advice and helpful hints too.

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