Slimming Down Involves An Alteration Project

there is only one drawback to a successful campaign to slim down and lose weight.  Although it is fab knowing I am a better shape, and clothes look much nicer and feel better on me, I end up with lots of garments that do not look so nice now.  I have several pairs of smart trousers – still nearly stylish, but as I am no longer the fashionable commuter, that doesn’t really interest me.  No, it’s the fact they were expensive and I loved wearing them because I know I looked great in them.

I had no idea how to alter them properly.  This made me enquire about sewing lessons and to my joy I have been put in touch with a tutor.  She then introduced me to the delights of her fabric and craft shop in town.  Wow, what a fantastic place, and such a joy to wander around.   Such an inspiration!

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