The Delightful Ex Pat Love Of Colour

Last year during my annual jaunt to stay with my friend’s famil who live permanently in cyprus, we visited one of the most fantastic stores we’ve ever been in.  It knocks harvey nics and harrods into a top hat for sure.  It’s a clothing exchange agency – but so much more organised and classy than anything seen over here.  The clientele are definitely better heeled, the ex pat community fall into two distinct groups.  Rolling Fat or Stick Thin.  There seems to be little between.  Whatever size though, they love colourful clothes.  The heat is intense during the summer so all categories of clothing are only accepted on the basis of label, quality, colour, design & attractiveness.   They have a grand department for the guys too.

Over there they also promote much home making too.  As practiced by all the senior females of families have for centuries.  Except locals only ever seem to wear black.  Mourning seems to be permanent too.

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