Inheritence Brings Sewing & Knitting Machines

Whilst I was away on my annual jaunt to a very sunny island in the Med – I stay with an old colleague and we become the odd couple once again, as we were for years when working together!  This chap has a very odd villa up in a village way above Paphos.  It’s a good 40 kilometres above the main town and is very very laid back.

However, this year there has been great excitement – the old dear who lives up in one of the original village houses had acquired two machines.  One fairly new Singer sewing machine, electric, with a menu of embroidery stiches.  If this wasn’t exciting enough, she has also got a Brother knitting machine.  Again, it’s not new, but has all the bits.   The local courier has been dashing up and down to her house for the last couple of weeks – skeins of yarn and patterns, dress patterns, bobbins, fabric left overs etc.   Sheer magic!

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