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Whilst I was away on my annual jaunt to a very sunny island in the Med – I stay with an old colleague and we become the odd couple once again, as we were for years when working together!  This chap has a very odd villa up in a village way above Paphos.  It’s a good 40 kilometres above the main town and is very very laid back.

However, this year there has been great excitement – the old dear who lives up in one of the original village houses had acquired two machines.  One fairly new Singer sewing machine, electric, with a menu of embroidery stiches.  If this wasn’t exciting enough, she has also got a Brother knitting machine.  Again, it’s not new, but has all the bits.   The local courier has been dashing up and down to her house for the last couple of weeks – skeins of yarn and patterns, dress patterns, bobbins, fabric left overs etc.   Sheer magic!

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Lacet is an established sewing business which looks at talking about the latest sewing technology, designs and machines. We aim to please our visitors by providing them with the latest in this area.

Sewing Machines

Sew this long length of knitting to the tea cosy to form four loops, a bit like a flower. These loops make the hen\'s nest. Ideal for keeping the teapot and boiled eggs warm too, children really enjoy them. Taking less than an hour to make they do make a lovely surprise on Good Friday and Easter Sunday when you present someone a hard boiled egg for their breakfast that still has a hen sitting on top of it.

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