High End Habidashery Brought Memories Back

On a recent jaunt up to London with my daughter, we made a point of popping in to one very well known and extremely high end store well known for fabrics, yarns, habidashery, upholstery materials etc. etc.  We had always enjoyed looking at gorgeous materials when made into dresses, curtains, seat covers – anything requiring a fabric in fact.  Why neither of us have taken our  hobbies further is a mystery.  One of my sisters has always done a lot of sewing and knitting over the years and she used to visit the same store when she was first out at work and had a job handily just round the corner.  She used to watch goggle eyed whenever invited to sit in on any instore demonstrations.

I was very interested in looking at the store archive of sewing patterns – how designs have more or less gone full circle twice.  The price of patterns is enormous now though £18 for a child’s pinafore ensemble!

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