Home Produced Christmas Charm Makes Big Come Back

In these days of uncertainty over coming out of the EU and people getting very tetchy about business successes and rising inflation etc. it really does seem as though Chrismas is coming at just the wrong time.  For other folk they will always feel that Christmas is such a spirit raiser, there is no need to panic and of course, the commercial world goes absolutely ballistic from the end of August onwards.  This is also the time of year to be getting the sewing machine out to make a lovely choice of decorations, swathes for the mantlepiece, hanging bunting etc.  One particular fan of this jolly activity is usually associated with a house sourcing programme with the emphasis on location.  She is an absolute nut with the crafting and home made frothy business of Christmas.  She has a daily tv programme showing other people making wonderful things, it is an inspiration. Even for someone who sews very little.

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