Chanel Inspired Jacket Needs Serious Skills

I saw a wonderful outfit on tv the other night.  Watching a pathe news recording made back in 1963 of the Kennedys, shortly before the terrible deed.  They were covering how glamorous Jacqui K was, even from a tiny girl in her lovely safe almost aristocratic upbringing.  The clothes they featured were beauties from the studios of Chanel etc.  I have always lusted after a cute little chanel inspired jacket and skirt but never had the opportunity to buy them – by the time I reached the stage of being able to think of that expense, the garments were out of style and not easily available.  Then last year whilst in a fantastic fabric emporium in Limassol, I saw some sewing patterns hanging haphazardly on a rack near the suiting rolls.  The joy of being able to leaf through these iconic designs was nearly too much!  I still can’t have.  I have never developed sewing, let alone tailoring skills!

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