Sewing Bee Meets Very Sad Demise


One of the best programmes on mainstream tv in the last five years was the great british sewing bee.  It was a very unusual concept but although not that many families rely on home made clothes and furnishing these days, it captured the imagination of many and installed a feeling that yes, if they can do it, so can I.  There was a definite rise in the number of sewing classes being offered and snapped up and sewing machine sales have really been bouyant.  I know of lots of folk who happily class sewing and machine embroidery amongst their regular crafting sessions.  It was with great sadness then that I discovered the main channel had not renewed the commison for this wonderful show.  I cannot understand the short sightedness of this – especially as it is public money being used.  They would take off a popular craft /recycling / hobby show – to save money.    Dreadful!

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Sew this long length of knitting to the tea cosy to form four loops, a bit like a flower. These loops make the hen\'s nest. Ideal for keeping the teapot and boiled eggs warm too, children really enjoy them. Taking less than an hour to make they do make a lovely surprise on Good Friday and Easter Sunday when you present someone a hard boiled egg for their breakfast that still has a hen sitting on top of it.

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