Picking Up Threads Once Left Off


When you belong to community groups of some sort or another, you soon get badgered to join this committee or that.  It is inevitable as folk in villages want things to be laid on for their entertainment and enjoyment.  They don’t always want to be on the panel that organises it all though.  I find that the more active I become with some of the groups, the more other sit back.  I took action on this last year when I had to have an operation and thus could not drive all over the place collecting up patterns, knitting goods, crafting items.  I usually do the ferrying about as I am much younger than some colleagues and have a decent car to run about in.  It’s also a useful hatchback for the purpose.   This year I have resumed the taxi service and also done some of the knitting and crafting.  Amazing how quickly the knack comes back after several years of inactivity!

About Lacet

Lacet is an established sewing business which looks at talking about the latest sewing technology, designs and machines. We aim to please our visitors by providing them with the latest in this area.

Sewing Machines

Sew this long length of knitting to the tea cosy to form four loops, a bit like a flower. These loops make the hen\'s nest. Ideal for keeping the teapot and boiled eggs warm too, children really enjoy them. Taking less than an hour to make they do make a lovely surprise on Good Friday and Easter Sunday when you present someone a hard boiled egg for their breakfast that still has a hen sitting on top of it.

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