Silver Surfing Online With Knitting & Sewing Fans

When I was travelling out and about with a group of ladies the other day, I was struck how busy most of them seem to be in the day time.  For a change, the conversation didn’t seem to be all about daytime tv or endless soap operas.  I was absolutely fascinated by the wide range of hobbies these ladies got up to when not meeting up and going on jaunts.  I was new to this group, but was much impressed by the knowledge about knitting and crochet for example.  One dear old bird was very excitedly reporting that she could now get her favourite yarn online from a brand new site she’s just discovered.  This triggered two others to pass on details of ahobby and crafting outlet they’d discovered .  It was truly inspiring and refreshing to be amongst such active, cheerful and positive ladies.  They were so full on about how to browse safely and securely too!

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