Homeless Charity Repairs, Restores & Now Retails Online

I was out with some ladies from a local over 50’s group – instead of sitting playing bingo and card games, once a year they go out for afternoon tea.  This year we visited a local community based homeless charity that takes in old and unloved stuff, mends and restores it to life and then sells it far and wide.  they also have a fanastic little cafe area which seems to be very popular.  The place is right out in the middle of nowhere and for the vulnerable adults who are helped there, it must seem odd not being near a town.  But the peace and tranquility of the setting – until the supporters and donors come, is really what helps them reorganise their minds.  There is talk of the enterprise going online so that more people can access the fantastic job made of the repair items.  Online charity goods are very big busines and raises their profiles tremendously.

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