Making Poppies Even More Appealing

I have been undertaking a serious promise made to some pals at the heritage house I help out at.  They’re wanting to put on a display of hundreds of knitted, crocheted and handmade poppies for the 100th Armistice day celebrations in November.  I have never learned to crochet so have done many of them using the knitting pattern supplied but using different sized needles and varying it a little, I’ve managed to find a way to shorten the process and bring some variety to them.  I understand from a colleague that the finished poppies will be displayed on a massive hessian backing with a version of the War Horse emblem aside.  A poppy is a very powerful symbol and still the way to show respect for those fallen in the great war.  Shame wasn’t actually the war to end all wars.  But we live in hope.

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