Stylish & Warm Winter Woolies Beckon

In my quest to find some different styles of knitwear, I’ve been scouring the older magazines that I know hold stocks of patterns.  I really fancied an a-line, hip length sweater rather than the hip hugging ribbed cuff type that seem to dominate the sweater design market.  I have had a devil of a job finding anything that really appealed.  some folk are built to wear jumpers more than others evidently.  In the end I surfed the websites of my favourite knitting and yarn sites – it’s unbelievable the archives they hold.  I have been able to source exactly the right ideas.  The choices of patterns, yarns and knitting accessories is fantastic these days too – they hold every kind of knitting needle, bamboo, wood, plastic and all very nice to use.   I think I’ve hit on the resolution to a major stumbling block on  my way to a warm and very stylish winter!

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