Moving Away From Cheap Ready Made Clothing

My family got used to having home made clothes – grandma was a fantastic seamstress.    During her years in service when she was taught to mend and then make clothes for the family she worked for.  Living in, she was the youngest member staff and learned from the bottom up.  Her employers rewarded good honest service and provided her with a treadle sewing machine – for those too young to know, it was powered via a huge foot pedal, thus leaving the hands free to work with the garment.  Grandma was taught the correct way to make every garment, even tailored dresses and suits.  Today clothes are so cheap – younger folk particularly don’t value them so they get thrown away so easily.  So crafting, mend and make programmes are to be applauded – sewing and cooking lessons for all students should come back on the curriculum immediately – if only to save this planet of ours!

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