Like Riding A Bike, Knitting Skills Never Die

I’m currently in the middle of knitting a nice green sweater for myself.   Thereby hangs a very long but amusing tale regarding this choice of colour, the yarn, and especially the pattern.  I actually bought green because of a lovely skirt I found in a charity shop.  It would have been expensive new, so worth splashing £4.95 on.  The jumper to go with it though has cost me about £104 so far!  I started off with one yarn that matched the skirt pattern well but however hard I tried, I couldn’t get the tension correct, so changed yarn and patter.  So the tale continued.  I love knitting, I reacquainted myself with the art when 1000s of poppies were needed for the Armistice commemorations last year.  Like riding a bike, once you’ve learnt the basics, the rest falls into place.  I have several other projects planned  and can’t wait to be browsing my favourite suppliers!


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