Sewing Skills Missing A Generation

I have recently been handed an old sewing machine that my mother in law used to own.  I can’t ever say I’ve seen it in their bungalow and if I did, certainly not with the cover off.  to say Ma was not big in sewing or knitting is probably an understatement.  I would happily take out my latest knitting project whenever I visited her and she would take great interest in the progress.  Always had to be bright colours.  No dark ones for Ma.  What surprised me was her  often telling me her own mother made lots and lots of clothes for her when she was growing up.  Her mother had been in service as nurse maid in a large household.  Gran had to learn how to make and mend childrens’ clothes and became very skilled at it.  Shame that skill seems to have bypassed her only child, bar hand embroidery, which ma in law was very proficient at during school.

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