Nanna’s Mini Me Coat Tricks

I was happily knitting in the sitting room the other day – desperately trying to get to the end of a sweater front when the phone went – it was a daughter asking if I still had my sewing machine.  Well this was unusual – I’m always chatting to her about knitting and what projects she’s got on the go.  so to have her finding an interest in sewing too was pretty big for me.  There have been very good seastresses in my family – not me, sadly that accoldate will never be sat comfortably on my shoulders.  But previous generations have had a skill which has enable them to make absolutely all our clothes – I even had a winter coat made for me, a cut down from Nan’s own worn out old duster coat.  The work involved in taking that apart and finding enough good parts to cut out a small version must have been tremendous!

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